The Ungulate

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The Ungulate

2019 | USA

  • 74 min
  • |
  • Horror
  • |
  • 01 Dec 2019
  • |
  • English


A man and his daughter are mistakenly killed by three poachers hunting deer in the woods. 5 years pass and the poachers return to the area of the crime along with a rich hunter looking for his money shot. Question is are they alone?

  • Writer: Davy Lantz Jr. (Screenplay by), Jeffery L. Miner (Written by)
  • Director: Davy Lantz Jr., Cori Coulter
  • Actors: Jesse L. Green, Mathew Amos, Jeremy Ogre Amos, Davy Lantz Jr.
  • IMDB: 2.2 /10.0

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