Cow Belles

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Cow Belles

2006 | USA

  • 90 min
  • |
  • Comedy, Family, Romance
  • |
  • 24 March 2006 (USA)
  • |
  • English


Spoiled rich sisters, Taylor and Courtney Callum, have had it made. Their father owns a successful dairy that allows them to live comfortably. They can have anything they want: the latest designer clothes, cool cars, and an endless supply of money to spend. One day, the sisters end up ruining their house kitchen and their father had seen enough. He sends the two to work a summer job at his dairy hopping it’ll teach them responsibility and the value of a dollar. However, problems emerge when the dairy goes broke and it’s up to the girls to decide: give up their selfish ways and save the dairy? or sit back and watch the company fall to pieces?

  • Writer: Matt Dearborn (teleplay), Matt Dearborn (story), Stu Krieger (teleplay)
  • Director: Francine McDougall
  • Actors: Aly Michalka, AJ Michalka, Jack Coleman, Sheila McCarthy
  • IMDB: 5.2

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